Maybe you have thought about getting a side hustle or using your writing skills as a source of income. Lucky for you, the internet is full of freelance writing gigs, making it easy for you to launch your writing career. But before diving into the minefield of freelance writing gigs, you need to know your freelance writing niche and specialize in it. The more knowledgeable you are on your niche, the more clients will likely trust you with their projects. 

What is a Freelance Writing Niche?

A niche is a position or a job where you feel comfortable and confident. Your freelance writing niche will be a specialization where you are knowledgeable and enjoy. By carving your niche, your readers will trust your content, and you can even attract brands.

In freelancing, there are two ways you could think about your niche. It could be the type of content you write or the different topics and areas of specialization that you write about. 

There is a wide range of subjects and content types to choose from, and I believe you could find the most suitable area for you. As a newbie, however, the content type is more important, since specializing in a specific area may not expose you to the different topics you could explore in your career.

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Freelance Writing Niches

Types of Content


In simple terms, copywriting is writing ads and promotional material for a company. Some have gone on to label copywriters as ‘Salesmen in print.’ Companies are willing to pay big bucks for copywriters who deliver quality material for them.

Copywriters play a significant role in bringing new customers to their clients. Therefore, knowing the marketing scope is essential for anyone looking to venture into this type of content.

On average, freelance copywriters make about $81,748 per year. If you have an online profile on sites like Upwork and Fiverr, you can set won hourly rates or apply for fixed-price contracts.

Video script writing 

You have probably sat down after watching a fantastic movie and thought,’ Wow! Who came up with the script for this?’ With practice, this could be you.

Youtuber’s, companies, and producers are all looking for creative individuals who can write new scripts. Think about it this way; You could write the script for the next video on your favourite channel or write the script for the next ad that pops up before that video.

Business plan writing  

Many SMEs fail due to a lack of planning, something a simple business plan can help mitigate. It can also help you get financing from banks and other lenders. But not everyone is cut out for that kind of writing.

Entrepreneurs are ardently looking for professionals who can formulate business plans for them. You have to capture the business’ overview, opportunities, execution, management, and financial plan. 

Grant writing 

If you are interested in NGOs and non-profits, this is the perfect type of content for you. These organizations need well-scripted documents that detail their work, and the aid they may require to carry out their work. 

As a grant writer, your work will be formulating these much-required documents for these organisations. One of the benefits of such a content type is once you impress one organization, they will be sure to contact you when they need more work done, so be sure to put your best foot forward.

White paper 

A white paper is a well-versed guide or report put together for a business or individual to tackle a specific issue.

As a grant writer, you are expected to gather all the necessary information on a particular matter and explain it satisfactorily. Innovation also plays a role in white paper writing, as you might be needed to come up with a solution in your report.

Technical writing

Technical writing, as the name suggests, involves a lot of in-depth explanations on a particular issue. It may be about the use of stem cells in the medical field. Or a product review that details all the features of a product as well as its pros and cons.

Technical writing is ideal for more experienced individuals, especially when it involves industries like medicine and IT. But if you know how to research basic stuff like household products, you can carve your niche as a technical writer. 

Types of Topics 

Personal Finance

Personal finance topics are always in demand. And, if you are good with numbers, there is a high possibility your knowledge can pay. Most personal finance topics will touch on saving, debt management, and investments.  

Many online platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork offer opportunities where you can get clients. However, companies like banks, investment firms, accounting firms, financial planning firms, or credit card firms are always looking for ways to educate their consumers about their services and products. These offer you opportunities to write for their blogs. 

For example, I settled on finance as a topic for my blog because I finance profession by training, and I wanted to use my experience and knowledge to educate others. 


The Coronavirus Pandemic might have disrupted travel across the globe, but it’s not about to put a stop to this industry. In fact, some millennials were jumping at the first opportunity to score cheap flight tickets while others were busy cancelling or rescheduling their flights. In Kenya, people were flocking to the coastal region immediately after the government lifted the countrywide lockdown. 

People want to experience life, not live it day by day. And the Covid-19 pandemic is making this more apparent. If you love travelling, any advice you have about travelling will help someone. It could be how to score a cheap flight, affordable accommodation, places to visit in a particular city, or country or gear for backpacking and hiking. 

Digital Marketing 

The main aim of digital marketing increasing a brand’s conversion rates. It all revolves around converting followers, readers, or viewers into customers through content.

Many companies are embracing online platforms, increasing the need for content that explains and markets their services and products.

As a digital marketing writer, you will need to have a business mindset and seek to develop content that appeals to the audience. You should also think outside the box and see what the market needs, and what you can deliver as a digital marketer.

Some of the sub-topics in digital marketing include;

  • Email marketing 
  • Content marketing 
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Social media marketing – through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn


They say having children is both a wonder and a humorous experience, and you would be surprised at the number of people who ardently follow parenting posts. 

There are parenting sites where parents can learn about dealing with a special needs child or kid’s nutrition. Maybe you have great ideas on how to save on kid’s clothing, we all know how fast children grow into their clothes. Or where to buy baby stuff at lower prices. 

For example, Joy, a Kenyan mother, carved a niche for herself by sharing her parenting stories from an African mother perspective. They are hilarious, heartbreaking, and quite knowledgeable to be honest. 

If you are a parent and feel like your stories are worth sharing with the world, go ahead and write about it.


There is a lot to write about pets- from primary care to health and training. Many people love keeping cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, and exotic pets, meaning many people are looking for information. What kind of food should you feed your pet, and are vaccinations necessary? How can you go about training a dog or potty training for all your pets?  

If you love pets and have knowledge regarding this niche, you start a personal blog or look for clients like vets and pet food stores that need content regarding pets. 

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

These two topics present a hot topic in the finance field, and with it comes a myriad of opportunities for the experts. If you understand all the jargon and technicalities, you can offer a lot of advice to many people looking for ways to get into this industry. 

Business Finance

Most SMEs fail due to poor business planning and lack of financial knowledge, among other reasons. Your knowledge of business finance like cash flow management, inventory management, tax issues, and financial analysis can be an excellent avenue for you to make money.

You can write for business finance websites, get clients from sites like Upwork and Fiverr, or launch a personal website where you can share your ideas and finance survival tips 


Freelance writing has a ridiculously large number of opportunities—the first step to getting started in knowing about the freelance writing niches available. Then pick the one/s that suit you. It might take a while before you start earning, but you’ll get there, like everyone else that’s currently making money as a freelance writer.


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