Are you travelling to Meru on business or leisure and wondering which hotel to use? There are many hotels to stay here, and I finally got a chance to stay at the Alba Hotel. Is it a nice place to stay? How is their service? Is the food great?

Here is my review that might help you make your decision.

Alba Hotel Location

Hello Meru! The Land of Milk and Honey

Alba Hotel is along the Nairobi – Nanyuki highway, behind Mwitu Centre, where Nakumat supermarket was. It is less than 5 minutes drive from Meru town, on your way to Makutano.

It is in a serene environment, tucked away in Milimani estate, with a nice view of the hills. The place is a bit chilly, too, especially being the month of July.


I would give this a 4-star.

First, the measures in place regarding the CoronaVirus pandemic were great. They took our temperatures at the gate. Hand sanitizers were strategically placed, as well as social distancing measures. I hope the hotel can start disinfecting visitors’ luggage before check-in. 

Breakfast was a buffet but the staff was serving us to keep everyone from touching everything.

The staff was also friendly. I booked online and the whole process was friendly. I posted my queries on the website’s chatbox and the response was almost immediate.

I also loved the personalised service. When I got to the room, there was a white envelope on the desk that I first ignored. But after settling, my curiosity got the better of me and I reached out for it. It was a welcoming letter with other nitty-gritty details, signed by the General Manager. Nice touch, Alba.

The only snag we encountered was always having to look for someone at the front desk, even when we were checking in and out.

The rooms are also neat, with a nice bathroom and features like a mini-fridge and a safebox. The bed had hot-water bottles for warmth that will keep you warm through the night. They have warm Terry Clothe Scuffs, you will need them to keep your feet warm. But, they were only one size, a small size that will not fit anyone with big feet. We asked for a bigger size for my friend but we were told there was a no bigger size.

The Food

While I enjoyed the drinks and their marble cake. But, the food was not at par. First, the chicken wings I ordered were a bit too spicy or salty. Second, the dinner portions were too small for the price, especially the snapper fillet I had. The food was generally too oily. Also, the butternut soup was okay, maybe I am too used to my spicy one, but I would not give it another try. 

The Amenities

The hotel offers free access to WiFi, and not the wacky type that has you buying bundles just so you can be online.

There is a large swimming pool, shapped like the map of Africa, I think. Due to the Corona Pandemic, they were not allowing people to swim. The dining area also has a bar section. There is also a conference room and a board room.

Overall, Alba Hotel Meru is a nice place to stay in. The rooms are highly-priced, but if you are looking for a 4-star hotel in Meru, you should give them a try.

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